#22/24 Glenn Marshall

My Machine Learning / AI Generated Artworks.

As a computer artist for the last 20 years, I’ve been fascinated by getting the computer to generate art by itself. Rather than using algorithms and random numbers to do this, the computer can now use a trained neural model of human memory and how it stores shapes and colours, so that it can present memories, dreams and visions of the imagination as it would to the human mind. I am now removed almost entirely from the creation of the image – as I am dealing directly with preconceived images stored in human memory and the mind’s perception of beauty and form. For me, as an artist, the more I remove myself from the process, the closer I get to truth. These works represent a personal journey in the exploration and discovery of neural art – only possible through the computer simulation of a human mind isolated from reality, its doors of perception finally unhinged. Maybe we are entering the age of Artificial Imagination.