#18 / 24 Kathrin Hunze

#18.1 Video-Installation, 5:49 min, 2021

Data Me: Data Sugar

Video- Installation- 5:49 min, 2021

“Data Me: Data Sugar” deals with post-digital forms of life of nature, man and machine in digital space. The video work questions the happy virtual body with a program called ‘Perfect Happiness’. Based on the principle of the Tamagotchis-Effect, ‘Perfect Happiness’ attempts to create an emotional playful connection by feeding data sugar in order to steer and control it.

The work was created during the Q21 residency at paraflows at Museumquartier Vienna.

Kathrin Hunze works as media artist at the intersections of different forms of staging in the context of the moving image. Her artistic research focuses on the exploration of processes and mechanisms of new technologies and their effects in complex systems.