#20/24 Carola Schmidt / Lulu Schmidt

#20.1 ArtVideo


Visual Artist (Video/Film Producer, Director, Photography) I Performance Artist

Carola Schmidt (born in Horn, Austria) started as a student of Prof. Gabriele Rothemann / University of applied Arts / Vienna, and completed her MFA at the University of Arts Berlin, studying under Professor Rebecca Horn. 

In 2008, she won the renowned Diagonale best newcomer prize and was awarded a Sophie and Emanuel Fohn stipend. Numerous awards and nominations for her music and video art have since followed. She has exhibited widely in Berlin and Vienna as well as in Hungary, Brazil, Spain, Japan, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Mexico and China.

Carola Schmidt is an established director, photographer and producer, whose portfolio includes international museum exhibitions, and collaborations with various artists, TV stations, record labels and festivals.

Although her production and artistic experience covers a wide range, she specialises in producing music videos, documentaries, stage projections, press photos & social media content, album covers and visual artworks; mainly in the cultural context, for both newcomers and large clients. She realizes projects from start to finish: from the initial artistic concept, through to the conception and implementation, including editing and post-production. She has hosted events such as the Berlin Music Video Awards.

In 2016 she brought her alter ego Lulu Schmidt into being – a performative, multi-talented, erotic, romantic and overexposed persona, acting out her journey of self-discovery.

As a one-woman orchestra (Vox/electronica/keys/violin) she developed a comprehensive live concept which integrates lighting, stage design, and costume. She is known for her shrill conceptual stagings, which focus on the themes of transformation and identity.

The Austrian artist currently lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.